Family Law


Skilled Legal Services For Domestic Violence

You can rest easy knowing that Purvis Law Office is committed to helping you and your family through this difficult time with the best legal assistance and with minimum anxiety.

Focusing On Both Your Short And Long Term Needs

We're here for you during this difficult time in your life, and we'll help you on focusing on both your immediate and long-term needs to help you and your family build a secure future. We provide legal services for:
  • Paternity issues and child support
  • Divorce and child custody
  • Third-party custody and visitation rights
  • Adoption

We're Here To Offer Help When You Need It Most

Times of domestic conflict and chaos are some of the most difficult times that any one of us will ever experience. We understand the stresses you're experiencing, and we'll be there for you to provide you with the best legal representation possible.
Offering Confidential And Professional Legal Services
We've built our reputation for providing skilled and determined legal representation coupled with individualized attention to each client's unique needs and situation.

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