Civil Law

Scales of justice

Providing A Full Range Of Civil Law Services

Purvis Law Office has the knowledge you need to win or to successfully negotiate a settlement, whether your case is in the District Court or not yet in litigation.

We Are Prepared To Meet Any Challenge

We are ready to meet any challenge and win in any state or federal court or state administrative agency. We have the experience in many different areas of civil law, including:
  • Evictions and collections
  • Contract enforcement
  • Property damage and property law

Protecting Your Interests

Proper estate planning takes into consideration the possibility of unforeseen events, such as a client's disability due to an accident or an injury that can result with their assets ending up in the possession of others whom the client did not intend to be recipients.

There are also other factors to consider, including marriage and family relationships, goals of the clien, children's potential needs in the future, disabilities of the client and his/her spouse, disabilities of client's child or children, and even the care of much-loved family pets.

At Purvis Law Office, we try to cover all eventualities to provide the greatest degree of protection to all of our clients.
Protecting Your Legal Rights
Purvis Law Office is on your side. We provide dedicated and determined legal representation to protect your rights in civil and contractual
law matters. 

We have the experience that you need to succeed.

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